Creating Projects in neetoDeploy

A project in neetoDeploy is linked to a GitHub repository. You can create a new project to manage your application's review apps, staging and production deployments together.

  1. To add a new project, go to the projects tab and click on Add new project

  1. Once you’ve created a project, you will be redirected to the project's Deploy page, where you can connect the project to a GitHub repo from the GitHub account you had connected to your neetoDeploy account.

  1. Search for the repo that you want and click on Connect

  1. Once you’ve connected your repo, you should be taken to the project page, where you can see all the deployments which comes under the project - review apps, staging apps and production apps.

Now if you open a new PR in your GitHub repo, the PR will be deployed by neetoDeploy, provided the application code is setup properly. Read the article on setting up your application for neetoDeploy here.

You can see the status of the deployment and the live link (once deployed) from the PR in GitHub. You can use the neetoDeploy dashboard to access more information regarding the deployment like build logs, setting environment variables, access the console etc.

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